Banan Information Technology is a software development company that is looking to help you improve your operational efficiency and increase your profit.

Handling, typicaly, up to 4 clients per year, Banan's professional team of certified experts will visit your company to analyze your processes, determine what best suits your requirements, and help you enjoy the most suitable enterprise software solutions for your needs.

We are not satisfied until you find value from your software purchase. We will not leave you stranded. We will ensure that your users are satisfied and enjoy the new level of comfort and efficiency provided to them.

You are looking to impress your clients with a state-of-the-art, high tech operation. We know what that means, and we will strive with you to achieve that goal.

You may need a sophisticated business intelligence solution to support your decisions, a paperless Accounting system to streamline your finances, an experience-filled human resource management solution to build a highly competitive team, or a well-orchestrated logistics management system to properly manage your operations. Whatever your needs are, we will stand by you, and you will be the hero.

Many enterprises have already found great value from Banan's services. From Verizon in the US to ESN in Senegal, Chinguitel in Mauritania, and Sudatel in Sudan. The consensus is: The decision to buy Banan solutions was always viewed as an asset and an investment and never an expense or a cost.

The next time you have a system-related problem, think of Banan since Banan will be thinking of you.

We strive to put our customers’ minds at ease from the difficulties of IT infrastructure and software. This will allow them to focus on what is most important, their business. In all competitive markets, the company that is able to focus most on their main business drastically increases their ability to flourish and grow to the next level. Read more..

When dealing with sensitive information in a fast paced environment and market, only the best employees will get the job done efficiently and professionally. It is for that reason that we hand pick and scrutinize all potential employees. We are proud of the innovative and knowledgeable team we have put together.

We feel that clients are greatly satisfied when technical expertise and customer relations are coupled hand in hand. Our team is friendly, highly trained in a variety of technologies, and knows that what we do plays an important role in our clients’ present and future. This is what it means to be a Banani.

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